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Mass wildlife loss caused by human consumption
(11-01-2018, 11:53 AM)Vanessa Angotti Wrote: It is upsetting to see and hear how our human consumption and impact on the Earth is causing a massive drop in global wildlife populations. It is disheartening that our increasing food production and the increased demand for energy, land and water are killing animal populations and ruining our Earth. I agree that we should start utilize our resources better, like using less electricity, car pooling, using the bus, cutting down less trees, and start regrowing more forests. I believe that if everyone comes together to do little things then eventually it will all add up and make a difference to the Earth. We should be thinking about the future because it will be too late if we leave it all until the last minute.

I also agree, countries need to start downsizing the impact they have on wildlife, cut back on deforestation, and respect animals' natural habitats. More action needs to be made to help rehabilitate endangered species back into the wild. Humans as a whole need to realize what we have been doing to the earth and its animals all these years, and make appropriate steps to reverse what has been done, or as much as possible.

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