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Large industries cutting back on carbon emissions
(11-20-2018, 03:11 PM)BenNourse Wrote: 
This post talks if it is affordable and particle to actually cut carbon emissions.
For the first question it is very affordable for the industries to cut back on the emissions, the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) says it will cost less than 1% of the goal GDP.
For the second question is it particle and yes it is. the industries cement, steel, chemicals, trucking and aviation cause one third of carbon emissions. people from the industries  say they can cut all emissions by the middle of this century.

I think this would be good if these industries did cut back on there emissions as it would only help us with living on earth but also the environment all around earth. It will cost less than 1% of the GDP which is totally fine as we are benefiting the whole world in the long run from global warming. Once we cut back on emission we would start seeing that the ozone layer would stop breaking down, as it is protecting us from ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and we would probably see less pollution in the air and more clean air for people to breathe. Although reducing emissions will cause less importing and exporting it will ultimately benefit us in the long run and for future generations as we would be cutting down one third of carbon emissions.

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