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Palm Oil Destroying the Rain Forest

This article focuses on how a women fell in love with and found the passion of trying to save the Sumatra's Leuser Ecosystem, the last wilderness are that alows animals like orangutan's, rhinos, elephants, and tigers to live in the wild. It talks about how big companies are going onto the land, destroying the habitat's and ecosystems in order to clear it to plant and grow palm oil, which is a top most profitable crop in the world. This development and industrialization is threatening to destroy the very fragile enviornments in the area. 

I think this article provides a very personal story on how one individual has been inspired to do better for the world by creating awareness and highlighting the reality of what big coporate companies are doing in order to make money and well as meet consumer needs. In order to fix try to fix this issue the companies that are destroying the environment, need to have more strict rules and regulations that they abid by in ll situations. Another way to fix this issue is to raise awareness, which is already being worked towards, and have people that either do not know or do not care, understand the outcome of the companies' ways. 

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Palm Oil Destroying the Rain Forest - by Tamara Taylor - 11-29-2018, 08:04 AM

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