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Rise in CO2 Emissions for the first time in four years
(11-30-2018, 11:23 AM)Blake Cherpin Wrote: I also agree, earths society has to realize that preserving our planet is a priority, and that actions have to be taken to help reverse the damage done. Governments need to encourage and in some cases, enforce the population to change their ways, and behaviors. More of the population have to start partaking in public transport, or use electric cars. Car companies have released electric cars, but they are fairly pricey, and their range before needing a charge is inefficient. These companies are in a race to make a cost-efficient, durable, and long lasting, fully electric automobile. Although it is mainly money that fuels this race, the result will benefit society, and make switching to an all electric car, a reality.

I agree with you in that humankind has to realize their actions are greatly affecting the planet, even though they may not think that one individual taking the bus or buying an electric car is going to change anything. I think this is a huge problem as it allows people to fall back into the behaviour that is evidentally destroying our home. By spreading awareness about how big our world's isuues really are and how one person's actions can really influence the fate of our planet because that one person becoming conscious of what is good and bad for the planet means another is doing the same thing somewhere else and the pattern continues until individuals changing their own actions become many individuals changing their actions all with one goal in mind, saving our home.  I bellieve that these actions will help to make the necessary environmental goals seem easier to reach.

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