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Rise in CO2 Emissions for the first time in four years
(11-29-2018, 11:47 AM)Mathew Amorim Wrote: In the article it talks about the rise of CO2 in 2017 by 1.2%, even though it is a small percentage CO2 is still rising which in the long run will affect society. According to the UN by 2030 CO2 emissions would have to decrease by 55% of today's emissions to keep the 1.5C goal. Scientists say that nations must raise their efforts five fold just to stay on track for that 1.5C goal, at this rate the temperature rise is heading towards 3.2C by the end of this century.

I believe that as a society we have to realize that as our current rate the Earth's magnetic field which protects us from the sun's UV rays will not last very much longer. I think that we should start putting our efforts into preserving what we have left in order to survive safely as long as possible. Most people do not think that what they are doing will affect the earth's  atmosphere but if all humans are thinking like that then we will end up affecting the atmosphere trimaticaly.

I agree that people need to pay more attention about the CO2 that is going into the air and that it is creating holes in our ozone layer. People need to realize the since it is affecting our ozone layer it is causing UV rays to enter earth, which is very harmful, and is heating up the earth. If we continue to let this happen the temperature of earth will increase and could be catastrophic for us and the environment around. It is good though that the United Nations is already making plans to decrease our emissions by 55% which is amazing that we can do that. Not only are we benefiting from this but we are also protecting the future generation with problems like these gas emissions.

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