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New Zealand Beached Whales: Why are so many getting stranded?

This article is about the large amount of whales that have been getting stranded and dying on the beaches of New Zealand over the past few weeks. The article points out that while whales getting stranded on beaches are not rare, it is usually just a singular whale, but lately, there have been large groups of whales dying on the beaches. One of the factors of this happening is that the whales may be sick, injured or hungry, and by the time they reach the beach, they are either dying or already dead. Another reason that the whales are dying is that they may sometimes make navigational mistakes. The whales sometimes mistake shallow water for deep water, and they are not suited for living in shallow water. They then end up getting stranded by the tide. Another reason, and probably the biggest one, is that whales have a tendency to follow each other, or follow one leader. So, if one whale enters a spot of danger, all the other whales may follow, and they might all end up dead.

I believe that, as humans, it is our responsibility to take care of the animals in the world. The whale is a great animal, and if this continues on for any longer, it could become threatened or endangered in the wild. We need to do whatever we can to help save the whales.

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