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"Siberian unicorn" walked Earth with humans

This article is about an extinct species of rhino, now referred to as "the unicorn rhino", that lived on Earth up to about 39000 years ago. It is known as the unicorn rhino because of the big horn that stuck our of its head. This species of rhino was originally believed to have gone extinct around 100000 years ago, but new evidence shows that the rhino actually survived for a lot longer than that. Scientists believed that the rhino died out because it was too much of a picky eater, and did not last long after the Ice Age. 

Scientists are confident that learning about the "unicorn rhino" will teach us a lot about the remaining rhinos on Earth, and how to keep them from going extinct as well. Today, only five remaining species of rhino remain, and few survive in the wild due to things such as poaching and habitat destruction. As humans, we can not let another species go extinct. We must do all we can to keep the rhino on this planet.

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