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Climate change: Last four years are 'world's hottest'
(12-01-2018, 11:13 AM)Mathew Amorim Wrote:

This article is mentioning the fact that over the past couple of years the world is experiencing some of the hottest years. This year alone is registered as the fourth hottest year ever recorded. Scientists say that the first 10 months of this year have been over 1C hotter than in year of 1850-1900, the state of climate mentions that of the last 22 years, 20 of them have been the hottest ever recorded. If this temperature continues to consistently rise the WMO say the temperature in 2100 will by 3-5C hotter.

I believe that if the science is showing us that the world is indeed getting hotter, then we should start taking serious measures to at the very least try to stabilize the temperature instead of constantly increasing it. It is pretty obvious that our actions as a society is harming the environment, I believe that more strict rules should be made to ensure our environment stays safe.
Although for whatever reason some find it incredibly hard to believe in the very real effects of climate change, i think that this information could definitely be used as a sort of eye opener for those who still find it to be a fluke that our earth seems to be increasing in heat at a fairly consistent basis.

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