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Climate Change: How slag can remove CO2 from the air
(12-01-2018, 01:23 PM)Matthew Ahmadi Wrote: I also agree with you as even the smallest of actions towards the decrease of climate change is better then doing nothing. Even if the changes to the CO2 is very small, it is better then to just keep on letting it grow. We should start to find ways to decrease the CO2 in the air to prevent global warming and make the earth more Eco-friendly for us and even animals as well. If we continue to not prevent climate change, it can change the environments of country's making them warmer which can affect us with where food is produced and even start to kill animals as there habitat's are changing because of climate change. We should start now, even if it is very small, then to just sit back and let it happen.
I agree with you Matthew, any sort of fight we have against this helps. What I believe we can do along with reducing air pollution is educating the youth who are just starting their school about this issue. If it is in their heads early that polluting the air is bad, they will be less likely to be apart of the problem, and more likely to be apart of the solution. We must educate to solve the problem.

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