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Race to pull greenhouse gasses from the air
(12-01-2018, 03:52 PM)Jaidan_a Wrote: Is it remotely feasible to remove 12 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the air? Every year. For decades to come?

Is the question that is portrayed in this article which really got me into thinking, would something like this even be plausible? and would it even be worth the millions of dollars that would be taken out of tax payers dollars to do so? 

The article states that not only would something like this be possible, but it would help avoid serious climate change related dangerous, however the downside to this is that we may already be too late, and that the worst of climate change is already in the works.

Its without a doubt in my mind that climate change is something that will effect not only the life of me, but my kids, and my grandchildren as well, however if theirs anything that can be done to ensure that the generations after us are living in a world that is as clean as possible, why aren't we making that a priority? 

I totally agree with you Jaidan. Climate change is slowly killing our world, many of us do not realize it. I personally fear for everyone since the action is not being taken on this matter. However, I do think we have time to undo some of the damage, but lots of it at this point is beyond repair. The key thing is we must start the repairs now as opposed to later, as it will give us more time and more importantly, a greater chance of defeating climate change. If we do such, we provide our kids, animals and ecosystems with a healthy world that is sustainable for all beings.

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