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Winter Is Shrinking?

This article talks about the effects of the temperature rises of the Earth, specifically climate change in California. It is stated that because of global temperature rises the amount of snow on the mountains in California is decreasing and their winter season is shrinking. This "shrinkage" of winter refers to the length of time the Californian mountains receive snow for which subsequently results in lesser amounts of snow. California utilizes the fresh water that comes off the mountains as the main source of their water supply and with the decreased amount of snow, they are not receiving the amount of fresh water they were, for example, ten years ago. Another issue that this poses is the amount of precipitation California receives per year. It is no secret that wildfires are common to California, however the article states that because of the decreased amounts of precipitation during the winter (which is when California gets most of its precipitation) is causing a longer wildfire season and allowing the fires to become even more devastating. Lastly, the shorter winters are causing longer summers, encouraging the increase of pests that thrive on warm temperatures, destroying farmland and Forrests. The article describes this as "the perfect storm of bad events" that creates so many new issues for California. 
With this being said, it brings up the question of what the effects of global temperature rising will have on other parts of the world, like Canada? What is going to happen to a country that is so adapted to harsh winters and has thrived in the industrial world by taking advantage of winters in various ways?

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