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Climate Change: Five Things We've Learnt From COP24
(12-20-2018, 03:37 PM)Tamara Taylor Wrote: I think these rules that were made are proficiant in hat they are addressing issues and thinking about not nly rich countries, in order to accomodate for developing countries which makes the Paris agreement a solid foundation for how countries of the world will be run or governed for many years. Although these rules do seem like they are realistic, it is still questionable that every country involved in this agreement will hold up their end of the agreements. I think although these rules do bring up problems that still need to be dealt with, they are a good surce of awareness and a good blueprint as to what our world's populations next steps should and hopefull will be.

I also agree with you as these some countries wouldn't hold their end of the agreement and ruin this for everyone. These countries need to know that you shouldn't be thinking for yourself but for the other countries around and help them as well. This rich countries need to know that other countries need help and that they shouldn't just keep everything to themselves and help one another out.

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