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Chickens curing cancer?

This article discusses the new technology of using genetically motified chicken's eggs as a new medical resource. Their eggs can contain drugs to help for specific types of cancer as well as arthritis. Researchers have discovered that by injecting a human gene that produces protein in a human body into a chickens DNA that is responsible for the white of the egg, the chicken egg contained a high amount of the protein. This is helpful in the fact that most diseases are caused by a natural deficiency of a certain protein or chemical in the body and these diseases can be managed by taking a drug containing that protein. The team of researchers have focused on two proteins, one that is contains antiviral and anticancer effects and the other contains stimulates already damaged tissue to repair itself. 

These drugs are not yet for sale yet and they are now hoping to use them for animal helath first and in 10 to 20 years start using them on humans, giving enough time to develope and strengthen the effectiveness. The article states that this method is 10-100 times cheaper than producing these drugs in a sterile lab because of the fact that chicken sheds and the caring of them is cheaper than buiding a clean, high tech lab. It also states that the chickens used in this research are being "pampered" and cared for a lot better than they would be on a farm. 

In my opinion I think there is both pros and cons with this. Pros being this method is a lot less expensive and a more natural way of obtaining certain proteins, which some people prefer over straight synthetically produced drugs, providoing people with an option. I think this artical overall highlights the accomplishements of science in this age and the crazy things we found it can do. The cons though, the article does state that the chickens are being treated great but if this becomes more popular there is a chance that the chicken's best interests will begin to fade, and this could lead to animal activists questioning and possibly an increase in animal abuse.

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