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Frozen lake numbers decreasing

Researchers have said that the number of lakes that freeze over the winter is decreasing and will continue to decrease the warmer the global temperature becomes, so much so that as many as over 200 000 lakes in by the end of this century if global temperatures rise by 8C. Many lakes in Canada, USA and Northern Europe are seeing this effect, including the Great Lakes. 

When a lake does not freeze over it is more suscepitble to a larger amount of water evaporation, reduced oxygen amount in the water as well as a recuded water level. The lakes also become warmer in the spring which can cause huge algal blooms. All of these cause a chain reaction that effects everything in and around the body of water, the ecosystems will not run as usual because they depend on certain factors and those factors will change, therefore ruining the ecosystems. 

The key solution to this problem is the air temperautre and maintaining it at an ideal degree. 

I think this article outlines just how much human activity is effecting our earth, and how everthing is so interconnected and effects so many things, almost resembling dominios, one falls and every one after that will fall until there is something to stop their path. I believe in order to stop that dominio effect, it will not be one single solution but I do believe it will be one single path blocker and that is human kind.

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Frozen lake numbers decreasing - by Tamara Taylor - 02-03-2019, 05:18 AM

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