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Lifting elephant hunting ban
I agree with all of your strong points in regards to not lifting the ban. I feel that it would be possible to maintain numbers of elephant populations in the area in ways other than poaching. Using elephants, an endangered species, for things such as food for pets and their skin/tusks for products I feel is wrong. In lifting the ban, it may encourage other countries to lift similar bans they may have once profits in Botswana rise from this. It would become a thing mainly for business and not for the protection of the environment. I do believe, however, that it is a great problem that elephants are roaming around and could potentially kill many tourists if not careful. I feel that through the natural carrying capacity within our ecosystems and the help of habitat maintenance (in an eco-friendly way) we could maintain our elephant populations. If not considered carefully, lifting the ban could cause all elephants in the Botswana area to go extinct. Knowing all of this, I agree with you in that lifting the ban would cause more problems than it would solve any. We cannot risk having the elephant population levels to drop more than they already have throughout the world.

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