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UK beats winter temperature record again

For two consecutive days in a row, as of the posting of this article, the UK has broken the record for its warmest winter days. Temperatures have risen over 20C, which has not been reported to have occurred since 1998. This, evidently, shows that parts of Britain are warmer than some vacation destinations, such as Ibiza. Last February temperatures around this time went as low as -11.7C, expressing a drastically alarming difference. These warmer temperatures could lead to greater risk of outdoor fires. This, having been one of the warmest Februaries since 1878, shows that climate change is playing a huge part in why these records are being broken. However, this is no Guinness World Record. Breaking these records are a bad thing due to the fact we, as human beings, are polluting to an extent that our global temperatures have been quickly raising over the past years. What used to never be that big of a problem suddenly is due to industry development. Although climate change is just an element as to why these records are being broken, our nation should still take into consideration how, long term, it could turn into the main reason.

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UK beats winter temperature record again - by Nicole Wrishko - 03-01-2019, 03:56 AM

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