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Cultured Lab Meat

As our population continues to increase, the demand for meat will also increase. This can be seen as a major issue and threat to the Earth's climate as 1/4 of greenhouse gas emissions comes from agriculture as stated in the article. Of those greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, methane from cattle has been problematic and matters will continue to get worse if we don't come up with a solution soon. One possible solution to this sustainability issue would be the global production and distribution of cultured meat (lab grown). Within the last decade, scientists have been able to create meat in labs around the world by harmlessly extracting stem cells out of the cattle and programming them to differentiate into muscle and fat cells. It then grows until it reaches a reasonable size. Unfortunately, it's too early too really tell how much cleaner this form of meat production will be, and also how the global population will react to consuming lab grown meats. Another possible issue of cultured meat production would relate to the economic point of view. Besides oil, agriculture plays a major role in Alberta's economy and by introducing this new production of meat it could seriously impact Alberta negatively. Overall, in the years to come I would like to see how this improves and how people will react to this new method of meat production.  

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