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Wetland mud is 'secret weapon' against climate change
It is fascinating to see the numerous different ways we are able to fight against climate change on our planet. Wetlands acting as carbon sinks is definitely an advantage in helping humans fighting against climate change. Increasing carbon storage in wetlands will considerably decrease the amount of carbon in the earth’s atmosphere, benefiting the earth’s environment. I agree, and also believe that it is important to advocate the protection of wetlands, as well as the areas around wetlands. Since “wetlands can migrate on land as long as they have space,” we as people should work on allowing the wetlands to expand and migrate. Increasing the size of our wetlands may also help increase the amount of carbon that is able to be stored in the mud of the wetlands. Although protecting wetlands and allowing them to grow is a benefit, since many of the coastal wetlands crosses national boundaries, we will only be able to take advantage of the wetland’s carbon storing through international cooperation. We can only hope that the different nations are able to come to an agreement and cooperate to protect the earth’s wetlands.

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