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SpaceX demo capsule successfuly launches and returns to Earth
(03-27-2019, 02:55 AM)Tamara Taylor Wrote: I agree with you in that this is a new innovative way to not only get astronauts to space without depending on Russia but also a good way to promote recycling and mindfulness of our waste. 

I do worry though if the reintroduction of NASA sending people up to space on American ground could stir up a conflict between America and Russia. This is because in order to have Americans in space, Russian shuttles were needed and therefore American's would have most likely have to pay a huge amount of money to send an American with a Russian team, bringing in more money for Russia. Now Russia will not be getting paid as they are not needed. Although this is a possibility, I believe it is quite unlikely to happen. 

On a happier note, the success of this demo launch couldmean big things for how Americans see waste. I can remember to when I was first given the very simple process of how a rocket is launched and even then I thought it to be a huge waste. Now will the effective ways this demo launch has demonstrated, not only will this save a bunch of money it will show people that reusing and renewing is a more effecient and cost friendly aspect in their everyday lives.

Indeed, just as you stated, there is a cause for concern that Russia might become hostile on account of having the playing field leveled because of Elon's innovation. Needless to say, tensions between the USA and Russia have long evaporated since Gorbachev demolished the infamous Soviet Union and relations have improved drastically (The example of Russia allowing American astronauts to hitch a ride to the ISS would prove this) since that time. Putin has been suspected of underground work and slowly remaking a new communist Russia, but we have yet to see any publicity of this, so until then the relations between the two world powers will most likely be unaffected by the reintroduction of spacecraft being launched from American ground.

As for newer perspectives on waste, I agree that more Americans will become aware of the worrying effect of pollutants and waste on the environment. I believe that we will be hyper-aware of this waste dilemma in our world that a large majority of consumer products will be bio-degradable plastics, environmentally friendly, etc..

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