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Planet Venus: Hopes rise of new mission to the hothouse world

The idea that has been going around for a long time that Venus is geologically dead is said to be a myth. Venus is a hot world with surface temperatures of 500C. It has a thick atmosphere which increases surface pressure up to 90 bars. Researchers have looked further into the planet and have found ongoing volcanic and tectonic activity that suggests it is alive. Scientists are building new narratives to explain the landscape which includes the existence of "toffee planets"- thin layered lithosphere planets- which incorporates knowledge found through studying exoplanets. Toffee planets develop due to planetary mass, atmospheric pressure, and the distance of a planet from its star.The European Space Agency is coming up with a Venus mission, EnVision, along with two astronomy proposals- Theseus and Spica. I find it exciting that we are looking towards not only focusing on Mars, but we are looking into Venus and finding it is very much alive. I am thrilled for a potential mission in the future.

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Planet Venus: Hopes rise of new mission to the hothouse world - by Nicole Wrishko - 03-25-2019, 07:53 AM

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