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No Bees - No Food??

This article talks about the decline of some species of bees that is hidden behind the mask of more common species rise. It is said that most of the species that are declining are the ones that help most in pollinating crops. Although some species are on the rise, we cannot depend on those saving us in years to come, as well as the biodiversity among bees will dissappear which could upset individuals that are interested in conservation. Scientists believe the declines are mainly rooted from the loss of habitat and possibly climate change. Scietists are encouraging wildlife friendly farming and gardening that will promote pollinators. 

I think this article highlights the significance of such a little insect can have on the well being of our planet. This article reminded me of a movie called the Bee Movie, where the honey bees stop pollinating and the whole city becomes dark and gloomy and shuts down. One thing that is taught in science classes is how everything on Earth is connected, you damage an individual, you damage a species, you damage a community and so on until you damage a whole ecosystem that will damage another, until there is nothing else left to damage. Yet people forget this because they become so fixated on themselves and blind to everything that surrounds them. I think this article is a good way to grab people's attention and encourage them to start thinking about their actions and how what they may be damaging will cycle and end up damaing themselves.

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