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No Bees - No Food??
I agree with both of you. The decrease in bee population is a persistent epidemic that has cost catastrophic effects on the environment and wildlife alike ever since they became endangered in the late 1990s. The rapid decline in population has put our ecosystems in peril, as they are a vital aspect in maintaining a consistent and healthy ecosphere. We as humans can't be distracted by the increase in a population that does nothing for our food crops. We need to focus on the types of bees that are pollinating food crops. Efforts to bring light upon the looming extinction of pollinating bees have been made, but are to no avail. Insecticides have been found to be a major factor in the rapid population decline of wild bees, as these chemicals are used to target unwanted insects that may destroy crops. As a result of these chemicals being consistently sprayed, other insects that are necessary for proper crop development and environmental growth progress are, too, being targeted. Overall, a general consensus needs to be reached in order to stabilize the wild bee populations in order to continue the healthy development and growth of our crops.

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