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Baby Born to a Brain Dead Mother

On Thursday, Portugal had it's second case (the first case occurring back in 2016) of a baby successfully being born to their brain dead mother. The mother suffered an acute asthma attack when she was 19 weeks pregnant and was put into an induced coma. Sadly, her condition deteriorated over the next few days and was declared brain dead. It was the choice of the woman's husband to to keep the baby alive and hopefully have a successful birth. In order to keep the baby alive while the mother was brain dead, doctors attached a ventilator to her. It is such an incredible thing to see that as technology continues to advance, we can also see many lives being saved because of this advancement. I am truly astonished by the fact that people are able to keep others alive by the latest machines in the medical field.

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Baby Born to a Brain Dead Mother - by AndrewAltobelli - 04-01-2019, 03:06 PM

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