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The First Black Hole Image
It is interesting to me as ever since I learned how to read I have been invested in articles and books about space and technology. It is astounding to me how far technology takes us and this will definitely be a huge step towards what we know about the black hole. Furthermore, the post refers to how Einstein was once again correct. This would mean that his more than a century old theory of general relativity, which refers to gravity as a consequence of warping space-time would be supported.
I believe that with this image, the public interest has definitely increased because it poses many questions about existence. I think that there should be more funding for space exploration and research and the interest in turn I feel will most likely improve further funding for research. Of course, this image supports Einstein's theory but I am curious as to how you suppose that this picture has improved our knowledge of prior physics? What are your opinions on supplying more funding for research regarding space?

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