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Homo Iuzonensis: The newest human species discovered

News from the Philippines informs us about a new discovery of the newest addition to the human species family tree, Homo Iuzonensis (I'll shorten it to Iuzo for simplicity). It was discovered on the country's biggest island, Luzon. Iuzo's physical features are a mix between ancient human species and modern humans so this suggests that some primitive humans that left Africa long ago arrived in Southeast Asia, something that was thought to not be possible before. Furthermore they were able to travel to Luzon, scientists have many questions as to how this pre-human species could possibly achieve this feat of sailing to the island. Studies suggest that at least three other species were around the same region, one of these being homo floresiensis, nicknamed "The Hobbits". Excavations in Callao Cave present thirteen Iuzo remains: teeth, bones from the hand and foot and part of a femur - from at least three adult and juvenile individuals. Climbing has been speculated as being a very important activity to the Iuzo because of their curved finger and toe bones. I find this discovery fascinating as it expands our current understanding of our lifeless relatives beyond what we already know, we can more accurately predict the order of the events that occurred before our lives that led up to it. Also, the name Iuzonensis sounds pretty gnarly. ;--)

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