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Fear of Killer Shrimp May Threaten Rivers
(06-09-2019, 07:30 AM)George Spornic Wrote: This occurrence is not good news for the local species at all as killer shrimp can sap off the same food source as the local aquatic animals. However, this behavior is expected from most of these invasive species such as the killer shrimp. I recall many example of invasive species that drastically affect the food web of various places such as the Cane Toad being introduced to Australia, Asian Carp to North America and Europe and Zebra Mussels to Europe and Russia. Hopefully these matters can be dealt with soon before the extinction of native species.
I agree with you in that this sort of thing happens frequently and that this behaviour from the other species is to be expected. Whether the invasive species was purposely or not, I feel as though they create more issues than they do solve. I believe that there should be more measures taken to ensure organisms are staying in the native territory in order to eliminate all possible issues. I recognize that sometimes the introduction of a certain species is designed to be a positive action but I feel like it is rare that it actually does more good than bad.

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