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Satellite will gain hi-res view of greenhouse effect

ESA(European Space Agency) is planning to send out a satellite to map out the effects of greenhouse gases have on the earth, it uses a newly made senor which picks up wavelength greater than microns in space (never been done before) with very high accuracy and with what we call very high spectral resolution which means it can really see the fingerprints of different gases in the atmosphere, notably water vapour, as well to really get an idea of how the energy is changing with time. The article goes more in-depth on how this satellite works if you want to know more, this satellite can change how we see greenhouse gases, it will educate us how the greenhouse effect works and where there might be a gap or over plating of these gases. It will give us more understanding of how nature works in keeping the earth warm and how we humans might have heated the planet beyond its limit, anyways I hope we can use this new information for the people who deny that we are the cause of climate change and global warming.

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Satellite will gain hi-res view of greenhouse effect - by Radu Almasanu - 09-25-2019, 12:10 PM

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