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How to weigh a whale without a scale!
Until recently, the only way to weigh whales was once they washed up dead on shore. Scientists hav figured out a new way called using drones called aerial photographs. Knowing the body mass of whales helps to determine their energy uses, food requirements, and growth rates. They fly drones over whales that are swimming in clear water and capture the photos as the whales come up to the surface to breathe. Being able to take pictures of these whales help to figure out a lot about whales and what they need to survive. It helps scientists to determine the shape, volume, mass, etc. 

What is your opinion on this new technique allowing for humans to measure the weight of whales, would you say it is an efficient or inefficient technique?

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How to weigh a whale without a scale! - by Natisha Ram - 10-02-2019, 02:17 PM

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