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DeepMind AI achieves Grandmaster status at Starcraft 2

This article talks about how this company called DeepMind had made their first AI and wanted to reach the highest rank in a well known tactical and strategic game called starcraft 2 (i say well known because I know quite a few people same or younger than me still playing it). What it's amazing is that it actually did gain that rank meaning that this AI is pretty tough and can probably beat players that are not pro. If don't know how starcraft works I recommend picking it up(it's free on the blizzard launcher) or watch a few videos about it, but anyways there are multiple factors for the AI to consider/there are so many choices for the AI and the opponent to do that there are so many multiple outcomes. 
In the end, DeepMind had made an AI that can compute fast and is quite flexible meaning this AI can probably be the same level as a military tactician meaning it could take over, that's something I might fear but be fascinated with with that we can make a supersmart intelligence. What are you guys thought about the future of artificial intelligence?

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DeepMind AI achieves Grandmaster status at Starcraft 2 - by Radu Almasanu - 11-01-2019, 02:04 PM

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