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Brazil’s Amazon Deforestation Highest since 2008
Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Forest has increased by 29.5% in 12 months, the highest since 2008. The rainforest lost 9,762 sq km (3,769 sq miles) of its vegetation between August 2018 and July 2019. This can cause a great affect to us humans and our environment. The loss of soo many trees and vegetation can impact us in a negative manner. It could contribute to global warming or climate change. I believe that we need to find new ways of securing our trees so that our world isn’t affected negatively. Trees help provide clean oxygen for humans and are used for many other things, if we keep losing trees we won’t have any to use. 

Any ideas on how we could help grow and protect our trees and vegetation? What do u think we could do to minimize the amount of deforestation around the world? Any other comments?

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Brazil’s Amazon Deforestation Highest since 2008 - by Natisha Ram - 11-20-2019, 01:40 AM

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