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A third of tropical African plants face extinction
(11-21-2019, 02:33 PM)LydiaKlok Wrote: This is actually very scary to think and read about. But it does need to be taken into understanding as it is a very real problem that not only Africa is facing but our whole world. Not only are plants in Africa are getting on the verge of extinction but many animals and plants all over the world, and I believe it is from global warming- the human race. Anyone else agree? Africa losing plants is not only bad for biodiversity and extinction. It also plays a part in the ecosystem. As plants begin to disappear, animals like herbivores will begin to disappear as well, everything will take an effect on the decrease of plant population in Africa. I think there should be brainstorming and actual activities to fix this. We need to start planting more plants and actually take care of our world and start fixing our mistakes. Would you agree?
I agree with you. Like my grandma uses these plants as a medicine for cramps and I will say it works faster and better than any pain reliever, but now that plant has gone on extinct in my country.

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