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Greenhouse gas concentrations again break records

This is not a surprise. Human population continues to grow all around the world, as so does the factories and equipment creating these emissions. According to this article there has been a 43% increase in our worlds global warming, as to the fault of carbon, fossil fuel emissions. Every greenhouse gas is increasing and gets trapped in our atmosphere creating a warmer climate in areas where it needs to be cooler for the sustainability of certain animals and ecosystems. In no way would it be healthy to pump more greenhouse gases into the air then we already have, so of course this would cause an effect on our world and ecosystems in it. Because of the decisions we make as a human population, animals in antarctica and the north pole are paying the price, as the ice begins and continues to melt soon there will be no where for the polar bears to live. Changes in the environment also means changes in the ecosystem. certain musicians and politicians have been taking a stand onto this phenomenon of global warming hoping to make a world wide change, I believe with more and more support we may be able to make the slightest difference as the whole human race as one, yet without everyone on board it may be a huge task, forever more impossible. This article brings up interestinging points and facts as to where we are heading towards the future and how we should stop it, as well as the rise of our emissions throughout the years.

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Greenhouse gas concentrations again break records - by LydiaKlok - 11-26-2019, 03:57 PM

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