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Albino Squirrel hotspot in Sussex.

White squirrel 'hotspots' investigated in Sussex
Claire Brimacombe was walking through a park in East Sussex last February, when her eyes suddenly fell on a white squirrel.
After she kept on the seeing the unusual rodent - only one in 100,000 are born albino - in the Alfriston park, she decided to start recording the sightings, noting apparent hotspots for them in the county.
Now a website she set up records white squirrel sightings from across the UK, and Claire has appealed for help in investigating why there seem to be so many across the country.

I wonder if there is a surge in the population of albino squirrels, and if the could be a result of a mutation or an adaptation.

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Albino Squirrel hotspot in Sussex. - by Idris_A - 11-28-2019, 05:13 AM

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