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Last decade on course to be warmest

This is basically stating that climate change is taking a world effect and we are seeing the effects right now. Looking back at records, it is said that we are currently in to be the warmest decade recorded, when looking back at the years from 2010 to now. This is kind of scary to think about, but very real. When scientists look at records from 2010-now and say that we are on the course for having the warmest recorded decade. It would make sense because from 2010-2019 the population around the world has greatly increase, which would also cause an increase in emissions and wastes being put into the environment, which all leads up to climate change and global warming, which is being shown as effects here. 2015-2019 is the warmest five year period in records. That means we are getting closer and closer to the peak, to the end where we would have destroyed our planet so much that there is nothing left.

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Last decade on course to be warmest - by LydiaKlok - 12-04-2019, 12:27 PM

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