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Genetics can play a key role in saving trees
As the current generation of trees are struggling to cope in current environmental conditions, researchers found that using genetic markers of climate resilient traits are more effective than traditional seed-selection methods. The scientists explained that long living trees with the rapid rate of climate change may be incompatible. The study wonders how we can manage tree populations so that they can better cope with increased temperatures. 

Due to climate changes, we are experiencing first hand what it can do to our ecosystems. If trees can longer grow or cope with increased global temperatures, there will be no future for the earth. One professor states that the reason trees are so vulnerable is because their lifespan exceeds the rate of climate change. The study found that heading to the lowest latitude of a tree species range are where the trees would most likely carry traits that would make them more resilient to future warming. 

So far, using genetics to save these trees has been a success. However, this is a very scary thing. Now, some trees cannot withstand the destruction of climate change. The fact that this genetic engineering method may work is inspiring, yet it may not work forever. Climate change is rapidly demolishing our ecosystems one by one.

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Genetics can play a key role in saving trees - by Alessandra Figliuzzi - 12-06-2019, 01:41 AM

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