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Hydrogen Powered drone that only emits water as it waste.

Hydrogen-powered drones have several advantages over conventionally powered lithium ions ones, says Dr Enass Abo-Hamed of H2GoPower, and could even point way to lower carbon air travel.

This is cool, to think that we have successfully created a more time consuming but more efficient automotive capable of fully running on hydrogen which produces only water as it waste product, although issues may arrive for the fully conversion from natural gas to hydrogen the is unimaginable improvement to the pollution of our planet.
Considering that hydrogen is everywhere  this new source of energy will be available to everyone and economically lost jobs in the oil sands can be directed to the manufacturing of hydrogen automotives. However do you guys believe that the increase in the water on earth will results in problem and will the waters be contaminated and affect the environment in other ways.

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Hydrogen Powered drone that only emits water as it waste. - by Idris_A - 01-07-2020, 05:11 AM

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