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Special Protection of Endangered Species
Special Protection of 33 endangered species

How did China save the giant panda?

The UN recently held a conference in the Philippines regarding wildlife and endangered species. In this conference they had selected and voted on 33 different endangered species to receive additional special protection. This list of 33 different species included animals such as the chimpanze, giraffes, leopards, and whale sharks. Maintaining wildlife is something that is important in today's world, especially with the way the we use our resources everyday. Things like clear cutting forests, air pollution from factories, noise pollution from machines, and spills and debris from ships are things that happen almost daily and contribute to the endangerment of these species. Conferences like these which promote the protection of our environment are making sure that we actually do attempt to maintain our wildlife and resources. Some countries, such as China, are not even apart of these conferences but still as a country attempt to maintain their wildlife. For example, last year the Giant Panda was removed off the endangered species list and now are vulnerable. Before, the population of pandas was just over 1,200 due to the destruction of their habitats and loss of their main food source, the bamboo. After years of trying to raise the population however, China has brought their population up to an estimated 2,060 pandas, through the repopulation of bamboo forests. Still, we are faced with the current issues we have today, like climate change, which could make it too hot for plants such as the bamboo to survive. Issues like climate change and endangered species are what people and countries everywhere have joined together to fix so that we can all live on a clean and biologically diverse planet.
After reading this article I was glad to find that more and more countries are placing a graver importance upon protecting endangered animals. In todays world, we see increasing numbers of animals placed upon the endangered or extinct animals list and it is good to see that government officials still place importance upon environmental matters. However, within this past week President Trump has made plans to reverse the American ban on importing African Elephant trophies, which in my opinion only encourages the slaughtering of these animals by game hunters. To me, I believe in order to successfully protect and secure endangered animals, every nation must be on the same page. By taking measures to protect the 33 animals detailed within this article allows us to take a large step forward in the sense that as people we still do have care for life outside of our own species. However, with the potential of Trump reversing these elephant bans, it will only undo what has been done by the special protection of the 33 animals. Therefore, in order for a significant change to happen in the way we protect the animals of our world, there canbot be any outliers within the plan if action many nations are trying to take.
I strongly agree with the article and its opinions as many countries are nor actively participating in helping to conserve the environment that we live in today, which I view as a huge positive. Yes, there are countries like the USA who are wanting to shift back to the industrial revolution ages where coal and burning fossil fuels were popular, but that highly damages the ecosystems that animals live in, which I think it wrong to do so as animals did not ask to live in this world so we should treat them as equals (as we were put on this earth under the same circumstances). I hope that through the efforts that China is making with their environment, helping to conserve the great panda as well as signing into the recent environmental accord- that people will finally open their eyes to the dangerous practices that need to be STOPPED to better the health of us and our environment. With China on board, I hope that more and more people will come to terms with the need to better our environment for a better future.

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