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are cities as bad for the environment as we think?
It would make sense that cities emit for about half of the country's CO2 emissions, but yet all of these people notice the changes happening in the environment and the world around them and just continue on with their day. Some organizations and countries do work on making changes to day to day life towards a more environmentally safe living. I am hoping for these little changes we are making now to have an impact on our future to hopefully make some changes regarding the climate change. From this article CO2 are said to come from 'elsewhere' other than the cities, yet under my opinion is very hard to believe. Anyone have any opinions on this? More and more countries and cities and taking the environmental concern regarding CO2 emissions and climate change under a great deal of consideration and beginning to make small but meaningful changes to the lifestyle of citizens. CO2 is not the only emission to be concerned about as I would have thought. Nitrogen oxides are also in our air and can cause serious health problems. Any other opinions regarding climate change and CO2 emissions as well as the actions countries are taking in defence to climate change. Not only as cities bad for the environment but everything that emits CO2 and any unhealthy gasses into the environment is serious to our world.
I agree with you, but in the article it shows a bar graph where it compares city emissions and "Elsewhere" emissions, I think countries should focus to bring down the highest CO2 emissions around their country, I don't think that cities are that bad anymore but industry should be our focus now, factories, powerplants(those who use coal and fossil fuel), refineries, those are one of the biggest problems for the environment. Also, I think we should invest to build/teach how to be effection to the third and second world countries(like India and China, or any countries that is inefficient and has a large population).

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