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Apple and Google going solar

In August, Apple was given permission to sell energy from a Californian solar farm. Apple has decided to eventually go with 100% renewable energy resources, and google is following cue by investing in Ivanpah solar electric generating system. Electricity is a huge cost for these companies, and going solar would cut theses costs immensely. The price of solar energy has been falling quickly, significantly cheaper than other energized like gas and coal. A rise in big instillations has also been evident, and the tech giants getting in on the game know that everything else depends on the production of energy.
In a society driven by consumerism, this reflects really well on companies like Apple and Google.  People's choices in products are often becoming more and more influenced by the environmental practices of the companies who they buy from.  Environmentalism is hugely important in today's society.  I know that, personally, to hear that companies like Apple and Google are investing in green energy sources makes me want me to support them more than other companies who don't have the same regard for environmental concerns.
Nowadays, technology is used around the world to provide information, to teach, communicate,etc...It is very small the amount of people that does not have a phone, laptop or tablet compared to the ones who do. This makes technology companies improve and produce more of their products in order to sell them. With this, large companies such as Google and Apple spend lots of energy producing and running servers 24/7, so it is reasonable that they are moving to solar energy using solar panels to save in energy. Although, in my opinion there are some disadvantages such as the space it takes for solar panel and wind farms that amazon is investing, this space being occupied by these products could be used for vegetation which really helps the environment and our atmosphere.

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