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Crime 'threatens nearly half the world's natural heritage sites'
Poaching, illegal logging and fishing are threatening endangered species in some of the world's most iconic natural sites, according to a report.
Conservation charity WWF says almost half of the world's 200 designated natural heritage sites are "plagued" by wildlife criminals.
These include the last refuges for critically endangered javan rhinos and wild tigers.
Its disgusting to see that animals are being hurt and hunted after in the places made for them to be protected. 200 is a staggering number of sites affected by crime, especially as these are supposed to be the most protected spaces. Animals are poached and hunted illegally in almost half of the worlds sights, and the efforts of those who care about wildlife are being destroyed by greedy inconsiderate people who are willing to bring an animal to extinction for their own profit. between 1970 and 2012 global wildlife populations have declined by 60%. It is ridiculous that people are willing to do such unethical things solely for their own good.

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