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Lack of dust makes China's air pollution worse
A new study suggests that less dust means more solar radiation hits the land surface, which reduces wind speed. The lack of wind leads to an accumulation of air pollution over heavily populated parts of China. Scientists found that reduced dust levels cause a 13% increase in human made pollution. They also found that the dust deflects significant amounts of sunlight. Without it, more heat from the Sun hits the land.
I never knew dust played that important of a role in our world, so I find this interesting. I also find it interesting how much air pollution we have in parts of our world. If dust could reduce the levels of human made air pollution, than I wonder what that means for the future.
It is surprising to me that 1.6 million people die from dirty air each year, and it is scary to think of how that number may increase given the worsening pollution in China.  Given how polluted their air is to begin with, from factories and coal-fired power plants, this could be a significant danger to the many people living there.

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