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Climate change causing hurricanes

In 2017, hurricane Harvey has so far been the most powerful hurricane to hit the USA, causing billions of dollars in disaster. As stated in the article, one of the reasons that this disaster has been so powerful is clearly due to climate change. Even in other parts of the world, such as South East Asia, have experienced flooding. With increased greenhouse gas emissions leading up to today, storms are becoming much more intense and deadly. It is important for the generations now to take into consideration that if we don't take action on saving our planet, it could potentially lead up to even more natural disasters and a higher rate of storm surges. I believe that in the next few years it is possible that we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and save our planet if everyone is aware that climate change does have a huge impact on us and on earth.
I really liked the article and how it point to many ideas surrounding two major natural events, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, that occurred this year. For one, it was new news to me that greenhouse gases and climate change were making these hurricanes much more dangerous then they could have been before. The increase in temperature led to the air becoming warmer, which allowed the air to hold more moisture, leading to heavier downpour from the hurricanes. Another reason for the increase in power of these hurricanes could possibly be an El Niño. I do remember hearing that there was an El Niño season coming up a few years ago, and I guess now is the time for that season. In case anyone reading this didn't know, an El Niño is basically a large scale warming of the sea's surface temperature, if you want to read more about it like it's origin and such here is a link ( Some do believe this to have a part in the making of these hurricanes but they didn't touch on it too much in the article, so there not much I can say about it relating to hurricanes, but I thought it was something interesting that someone might want to look into. Also, I do agree with the message of this post on taking action to save our planet. This article briefly touched on how the things that are increasing the power of these hurricanes are also increasing the danger of many other natural events, especially flooding in areas like South East Asia. If we continue to do things the way we are now, we know that there are going to be clear consequences for those actions, and some evidences can be found in things like the recent hurricanes, and like recent floods. If we can do things such as cutting down on gas emissions, re-foresting, or maybe even something small like using reusable bags or water bottles, a reduction of greenhouse emissions and a cleaner environment can be a realistic goal we as humans on Earth can meet within the next few years.

That's really all I have to say about the article. It does point to different ideas that you could look into if you wanted, and if you haven't read the article, I found it pretty interesting so maybe someone else might as well. Thanks for reading through my response. : )
The idea of climate change is a very vague concept that is often misconstrued as a way to blame a variety of global events. The article clearly states that though climate change is possibly attributed to the reason more hurricanes have occurred, as well as more often, it is not the only thing to blame such events for. We cannot entirely blame the earth's rise in temperature for the reason more hurricanes have been popping up. People automatically go towards the idea of climate change as a way to explain why such natural disasters occur, but it is insensible to do so. Climate change is a topic with many factors contributed to it. In the past, particularly looking at the Dirty Thirties, the world has experienced extreme droughts. However, at that time the amount of greenhouse gases produced was significantly lower than the production rate at this current time. It is evidently shown that the earth's temperature is rising, but with events such as droughts that have occurred in the past we cannot entirely blame climate change for the increase of hurricanes. "'A lot of this [the increase in hurricanes] is just sheer coincidence.'" I agree with the article that hurricanes in the upcoming years will potentially be stronger and more dangerous due to the concept of climate change, however there are many other factors to blame alongside this. The earth is unpredictable and anything could happen at any moment. I agree with the article as it states that trying to measure the connection of the number of hurricanes with climate change is hugely mistaken. To reinforce this comment, it is stated in the article that Hurricane Andrew occurred during a particularly quiet year. The number of hurricanes that happen throughout the years does not show a constant rising pattern, so, the increase of the earth's temperature is not the only factor affecting the hurricanes. Putting total blame on climate change for being the reason for the number of hurricanes is illogical. However, hurricanes do, in fact, seem more threatening as the years pass on due to climate change factors. The warming of our planet leads to more moisture being held in the air which, then, increases the amount of downpour during such natural disasters. It is clear that in order to reduce the intensity of these storms, negative concepts that stitch together the idea of climate change, like the extensive release of greenhouse gases, have to be dealt with. By becoming more eco-friendly, this can possibility be achieved. The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions will, indeed, help decrease threats of dangerous hurricanes. The world becoming more environmentally friendly in the way we act will assist in helping reduce extremities of our hurricanes. Donald Trump, for example, cut $20 million+ funds in major polluting areas in America to go towards strengthening the economy and military. This, is the opposite course of action we should take in order to protect our environment. To conclude, I agree with the article and that climate change does, in fact, influence events in our world in some dramatic ways. However, we need to look at things from different angles before blaming climate change for all of our natural disasters.

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