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Owls hold secret to ageless ears (0V0)

Birds, like the owl, can retain their hearing for a long time in their life span. This is because, unlike mammals, birds can regenerate sensory cells in their ears. Studies have shown that even an owl as old as 23 showed no age related hearing loss, and owls typically live till the age of 3 or 4. For mammals though, because we don't have the ability to regenerate the sensory cells in our ears, we loss hearing with age. The article stated that most people can expect to loss some of their hearing at the age of 65. Why is all this important? Because with this new understanding of how birds can retain their hearing, it could possibly lead to new treatments for human hearing problems. Right now study are being done on birds and mammals to find the difference between them, so they can use to information to see whether or not this is possibly. If there are able to find a way to use birds to help with hearing loss in the distant future, then this could help a lot of people, since most people can expect to loss some hearing. Maybe, this could also go towards help people who lost their hearing for reasons other then age, but I'm just listing possibilities, there is no for sure that it will work like that. Hearing loss is something that most people might have to deal with in the future, so this subject is something that is pretty important and also seems like a realistic possibility. Hopeful this project does work out so hearing loss can be something that future generations won't have to worry about.


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