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Should I worry about the mercury in the fish I eat?

Check out how this heavy sliver-white metal that accumulates to toxic levels in fish affects an individual's health. It is approved that it is harmful to us because it bioaccumulate in human, so bioaccumulation in seafood carries over human populations, where it can result in mercury poisoning. Mercury is dangerous to both natural ecosystem and humans because it is a metal known to be highly toxic, especially due to its ability to damage the central nervous system.
In my opinion, we should all come together and help the environment. We should lessen the products that causes mercury and also be careful of how we handle the waste of the products. Chemical factories must have stricter rules when managing with a type of harmful chemical, to exemplify, dumping these chemicals in a river or ocean. This can be a cause of fishes consuming mercury, it is a health concern and we should not let people suffer from this. Fish is a unique animal with different kinds of ways that it can be prepared for people to eat, it also has an abundant source of nutrients. Likewise, we should consider the fish industry and the people who work for it. The world is covered in 71% of water, and in it thrives the kingdom of the sea creatures. Our pessimistic actions and unstable care for the environment leads many of the beautiful creations in the world to perish, uniting as a nation can be a start of eliminating this type of issue.
In my opinion, we should worry about the mercury that we intake as our bodies are only used to such precise amounts of intake in each of the nutrients and elements. As we know a lot on how it affects us- I think we should take that knowledge and take a deeper understanding of how it can affect wildlife (particularly in the sea) so that we break through to solutions that can help protect the wildlife as we know it. Because if wildlife gets deeply affected by this intake, we will begin to experience global effects as well as a decrease in biodiversity (which is a huge negative when it comes to the environment as the environment becomes less able to defend against widespread illnesses and such). Ontop of this, we would experience famine and such. Fish are very unique and deserve our attention right away as we take away their very ecosystem without knowing it (as we pollute the sea with our boats and such). if we succeed on lowering the intake of mercury that fish have, we would be able to safely secure the biggest diversity (aside from the rainforests) that this world has to offer, and we would be able to help other species by taking our newfound knowledge and applying it to other forms of harm we caused to animals. This would help broaden our knowledge and help strengthen us with the earth that we are bounded to for life.
On the one hand, we’re supposed to be eating more of it because it’s so good for you. Seafood is a good source of protein and important nutrients like selenium, iron, and zinc. The oils found in fish have unique benefits as well. Fish (and fish oils) are good for your heart, your brain, and even your mood. People who eat more fish live longer, healthier lives.The very latest research suggests that fish oil may even help slow the aging process. Mercury is a nerve poison. Fish are exposed to mercury the same way we are: through the foods they eat and exposure to environmental pollution. Some types of fish contain only trace amounts of mercury; others have a lot more. So we really have to pay attention to the amount of fish we eat.

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