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Record surge in atmospheric CO2 seen in 2016

Reinforcing the last article I discussed about carbon dioxide emissions, this articles states how in 2016, concentrations of CO2 reached a record high. According to researchers apart of the World Meteorological Organisation, a combination of the El Niño weather and the increase of greenhouse gas emissions (particularly carbon dioxide) have caused this dangerous increase. Over the entirety of our history has been a slow and steady increase of CO2 released into the atmosphere. However, due to technological advances that lead to increased production rates, emissions have sky rocketed and will not be easy to manage. If this track follows, our global goals to lower the overall temperature is very unattainable. Though emissions from human sources have, in fact, decreased over the last couple of years, it is the overall total that matters. Unpredictable weather can be expected, making us unprepared for what is to come. If we continue on this track, the world could potentially have to face disasters never seen at such extremities before. The change of the Earth's temperature would also effect habits, resulting in some areas being unlivable for specific species. An increase of the temperature could also have higher chances of droughts- making many warm areas who ALREADY struggle with water sources struggle even more. Again, this article discusses a more particular idea to do with 2016 and the carbon dioxide emissions, but that does not mean that other years have been relatively good. This build up in emissions will continue to worsen our ecological environments if more sustainable ways of producing products and living are not implemented into society. People, such as Donald Trump, have rejected the idea of climate change stating that the Chinese made it up. Have a leader that is going against any means that will help our global state are pushing us further and further into ruin. Negotiations need to include major and not major polluters of the world so that we can all learn how to find the most efficient way to work with climate change.

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