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The Dinosaur Bandit

Interpreting the source, in China scientists have been studying a fossil that belonged to a dinosaur that looks like it's wearing a bandit mask, called the Sinosauropteryx. Just like raccoons and other species that also have a "bandit mask", it is noted by scientists that if they do have this pattern, the reason for it differs for each species. For the raccoon, they are known to have an aggressive action towards predators, whereas in this dinosaur, the build of it is weak and wouldn't be able to defend itself very well. Having this type of "mask" can be beneficial to paleontologists studying evolution, giving them reason as to why some species have these traits, and if it has a specific function. It is important to scientists that if there are any new discoveries of species or if they put a name to a dinosaur as such, that they have the ability to relate it to evolution, and the ability to identify and relate similar traits that each species could have had, leading to progress and knowledge for the future in discovering even more species.

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