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'Zombie' star survived going supernova

This article caught my eye as it discusses a star that has survived five different explosions and has been erupting for six times longer than a typical supernova should. It fascinates me looking into this to discover the astronomical body's temperature has not only remained constant throughout the many years, but it's brightness, too, has remained relatively the same. A regular supernova shines bright for about 100 days until it fades, however, this 'zombie' star is going against these facts as it had continued shining for 2 years. Scientists are referring to this star as a Pulsational Pair Instability Supernova. With many theories as to predicting why this star is acting in this matter (which is ironic considering one of the theories being a greater generation of antimatter in the core), there is still no definite reasoning behind why the star is acting this way. I agree that it is quite unusual to see this, especially it being the first time scientists have ever seen something like this. This article makes me really think about our lack of understanding of the universe. More and more surprises and turns have come- especially in the recent years- for universal discoveries forever altering our prior theories about what exactly is in our universe. The increased space travel with probes being set out to better understand our surrounding planets have brought back tons of useful information about what is around us. I believe it is important to continue looking into not only our entire universe, but this particular star in general. Discovering the true reason behind why this star is so unique could truly change the way scientists view and comprehend our solar system.
I find it fascinating that new things can still be discovered today about our solar system and universe, I thought that stars could only go through certain levels before becoming black holes and be sucking anything that comes to its path! But after reading this article, I view it in a much deeper perspective. If we can deepen our knowledge of our universe which is a planet away from our reach, imagine the possibilities that we could encounter! I completely agree with you in that, we should also broaden our understanding of the galaxy that we live in, we can use that information to help develop our understanding of the universe and even the planet that we live in and how it correlates to the new information that we seek! Then we would be able to improve our space equipment and hopefully explore further into space than ever before! This discovery really opens up a bunch of possibilities that researchers should get their hands on as soon as possible!

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