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RemoveDebris: Space junk mission prepares for launch

This article discusses a launch that is preparing to go off early next year into space to test a variety of methods of cleaning up space junk.The RemoveDebris spacecraft will attempt to snare a satellite with a net. It will determine if a harpoon is an effective use of picking up garbage. It also has its own junk on board that will be released to see if it could recapture it. Another thing this craft will do is deploy a 10 square metre sail to test future de-orbiting. Space junk is continuing to increase risks for not only spacecrafts but astronauts, too. Any collisions with this space debris could cause major damage to some equipment. Though this mission is expensive (a whopping £15m), scientists hope that this test could lead to larger clean-up efforts in the future. I am thrilled to see that people are starting to become more aware of the effects of space junk in our universe. It is very dangerous to just leave it alone and hope for the best when sending things off into space. I believe this mission is great to test, though expensive, because in the long run it will make space travel easier and safer. The launch will help drastically for the future of understanding how to properly and efficiently clean up debris.
I agree with you, and the RemoveDebris motive of cleaning up our space junk. We cannot risk having any issues during our space missions and space junk is partially humans fault. It is as if we are ignoring the potential risk of these debris in our universe, for our own space explorations and for other future tech. We should be empowering and funding these missions into cleaning the space junk, as we have already done too much pollution damage to Earth, we shouldn't already be harming the universe.

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