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Plastic Pollution

Currently in our environment, we have billions of plastic that ends up in the oceans and in landfills. Plastic can take over 450 years to decompose, which poses a huge concern to our environment due to the fact that the way that manufacturer's produce plastic, does not equal the rate at which plastic can be decomposed. In the article, it shows that out of all the plastic waste produced in 2015, only 9% of it has been recycled. I believe that if we don't take action in improving our routine of recycling and disposing of plastics, we can seriously hurt animals in both the oceans and on land since they wouldn't know if it is food or not, and would end up digesting plastic and killing them. Overall, with the over production of plastic, the ecosystems of the ocean will be ruined if we don't take action.
Plastic pollution has been a growing concern around the world over the past few years due to over consumption from populations, leading to more waste products going into our bodies of water. Marine life is in danger with plastic being put into their environments. Species have been getting trapped and entangled within this pollution. Some who are desperate for food have attempted to consume this waste, leading to their death. Due to the fact that plastic takes an extensive amount of time to decompose, the plastic has just been piling up at the bottoms of our waters, increasing death counts of species trying to consume the products. Though plastic is very useful to human beings, it is endangering the lives of our marine life if we continue to irresponsibility dispose of it. Companies tossing their trash into the water may be useful to them, but not for the life that lives where it was thrown. One of the largest used plastic items are single-use plastic bottles of soda and water. Other items such as wet wipes and cutlery that, too, take a long time to decompose and is found in large amounts washing up on shores, continuing to pollute the water and choke animals that intake them. It is important to be more cautious of our plastic use and where we put it after we are finished using it. Recycling properly can help, but, also, switching over to reusable water bottles can help reduce plastic pollution levels.

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