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Chocolate bad 4 doggies

In the article, it is said that during the time of Christmas it is four times more likely for a dog to ingest chocolate at this time, compared to that amount cut in half at Easter. I believe it is important that anyone who owns a dog should be more cautious around holidays like Christmas and Halloween so they can avoid going to the vet with their pets to avoid symptoms of chocolate intoxication, which would be death in the worst case scenario. I believe that when the holidays do come around, others should also be considerate of gifting chocolate to people with dogs as pets, just to avoid what can turn into a bad situation.
Chocolate is a holiday speciality. Vets have announced that as Christmas is here dogs are more prone to getting ill due to eating chocolate. The components in a dog take longer to be digested therefore making them sick. I would suggest that placing chocolates where your dog can't easily reach would be best. As well as being cautious of the dog which i know is difficult especially when it's crowded but it doesn't hurt to once in a while check on it.
I believe it is very essential for dog owners to be careful as to what they feed their dogs due to the fact that they could sadly have to take a visit to the vet due to not knowing the costs of their actions. Thought I do not have a dog, I think it is a good idea to keep foods such as chocolate far away and/or locked in an area the dog cannot get to. Vets every year continually enforce pet owners to be careful so that they do not have to fact visiting the vet over a silly mistake. Theobromine found in cocoa beans can cause dogs to face illness, heart attacks, and if the situation is bad enough- death. It is important to get your dog to the vet as quickly as possible after consumption of chocolate in order to treat it before it worsens their state. Thankfully, medication can be providing for dogs to help get through chocolate poisoning.

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